White chocolates with almond meal cream filling (trick them up for Halloween)


I tried some filling with almond meal to see if it worked, and it did.  I had some moulds with little ghosts and pumpkins and other gross looking things for Halloween, so thought I would make them look a bit wierd for Halloween and this was the result.  I used about half a block of white chocolate for this recipe – it should be enough for about twelve medium sized moulded chocolates.

100g good quality white chocolate, plus a small amount of white chocolate buttons for tempering,

For the filling:

50g white chocolate buttons;

50 ml cream;

1 tbsp finely ground almond meal.

I described the procedure to temper chocolate in relation to the salted caramel chocolates.  That was milk chocolate however, the temperatures required for dark and milk chocolate are different for dark chocolate, you need to melt the chocolate and get it to 40-50 and then bring it down to 32-33 before you try to mould it.  For white chocolate, it is 40-45 degrees then 28-30.

Temper the white chocolate and cover the bases of the mould (whatever you choose to use) and then set aside somewhere cool to set – maybe the fridge for a little while.  While it is setting make the filling.  Put the white chocolate buttons and the cream into a heatproof bowl or jug, and heat in 30 second bursts, shaking between times, until the chocolate is starting to melt.  You will only do this two or three times, you don’t want to boil the cream, stir it well and the chocolate should melt in the hot cream.  Stir the almond meal in, and then set aside to cool.  Spoon into the moulds and leave to cool and set a little.  Then reheat the white chocolate that was left over from the mould, and cover the bases, scraping off any excess.  Leave to cool.

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