Vanilla slice – the easy way.

I had a day off today, and it was a beautiful day.  As well as making the most of it (my poor washing machine never stopped!) it seemed like a perfect opportunity to have a cuppa and something sweet out on the balcony, trying to get pictures of visiting birds.

This vanilla slice recipe is definitely NOT gluten free, and is something I enjoy with my children when himself is not around.

Vanilla slice:

Vanilla Slice

Vanilla Slice

2 sheets frozen ready rolled puff pastry

2 packets vanilla pudding mix (the powdered kind you mix with milk, and when it sets you get a cold pudding)

600ml thickened cream

300 ml milk


2 + 2/3 cup icing sugar plus 4 tbs liquid (water with a little lemon juice)

Cook puff pastry sheets until just brown.  Cool.

Meanwhile, mix pudding mix with cream and milk until thick.  Chill briefly while pastry sheets are cooling (they must be completely cool).

Put one sheet on a plate, spread thickened pudding mixture over top, top this with the other pastry sheet.

Mix icing sugar and liquid, drizzle over top sheet.  Allow to set.

Slicing is the most difficult bit of this process, as the vanilla pudding tends to get squeezed out of the pastry ‘sandwich’ unless you use a very sharp knife.


A piece for me!

A piece for me!

PS, unable to get any good shots today, but I have identified these visitors from a while ago.   They are adult Crimson Rosellas, the immature birds I have posted elsewhere, they are green and red.  I think the adults are prettier.

Adult Crimson Rosellas

Adult Crimson Rosellas


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