Kahlua Mud Cake Trifle – Gluten free

I may have mentioned this before, but I am not a huge fan of the trifle, however sometimes accidents happen, and really lovely cakes do not come neatly out of the tin, so what to do with a cake that you know will be beautiful, but is not very presentable?  The answer is, make a trifle, and pretend that was your plan all along…

I had planned to make a cake to share on Christmas Eve at work, but couldn’t take it in because it stubbornly clung to the tin, so instead when I got home that night I made up some custard and jelly and we got a very rich, but very yummy dessert out of my failure.

Kahlua Mud Cake trifle

1 Kahlua Mud Cake (or use any cake you prefer, but if it is already rich you won’t need to pour any alcohol over the cake like people usually do)

1 packet of your favourite jelly, made up according to packet directions, and allowed to set in fridge

2 cups of gluten free custard made from custard powder, according to packet directions, and allowed to completely cool


Break up cake and place in bowl, chop up jelly and drop chunks in bowl, pour cold custard over the lot.

Pretend you intended the dessert to be like this all along, and enjoy.


Our Christmas table before we messed it up...