“Green” chicken curry

My sauce really isn’t all that green – I have to confess a loathing of seafood.  I can’t bring myself to use fish sauce in Thai food (yes I know there is shellfish in the curry paste, but I choose to ignore that but cannot get past fish sauce) so instead of fish sauce, I reason that the salt is what the recipe needs, so I substitute soy sauce.  This does colour the sauce a little, but not a lot.  As you can now buy gluten free soy sauce, and the curry paste should be gluten free anyway (check to be sure) this is a gluten free dish.

I also have a slow cooker version, which is very similar, but you use less liquid in a slow cooker, so have to be careful adding vegetables as you don’t want to use ones which will release their water and make your sauce too runny.

It is also my favourite dish in all the world.  A couple of years ago I went on a cruise on P&Os Pacific Pearl.  On the lunch menu in the restaurant, green curry chicken was there.  I realised that I would probably order it every day, and it was probably good that they rotated the menu after a few days and changed it, as clearly I did not have the strength to resist this offering so had to be “made” to order something different.

There you go, a bit of useless trivia for you.

Green Chicken Curry.

Green chicken curry

Green chicken curry

Should take less than an hour from start to finish.  Serves 4 (or just me if I hide it away from everyone else).

1 tbsp olive oil,

500g chicken thigh fillets, cut into fork friendly pieces (you can of course make this with chicken breast, but you have to be careful as this can dry out due to the fact it doesn’t have any fat – thighs do work better here),

1/2 bunch spring onions, cut into 1cm lengths,

1 carrot, diced finely,

1 celery stick,

1 tbsp lemongrass paste,

1 tbsp green curry paste (use more if you like it hot, but my husband is a wimp),

1 tbsp soy sauce,

1 tbsp lime juice and a kaffir lime leaf if you have them (see hint below),

1 tsp brown sugar,

1 400g can coconut milk,

1 cup frozen mixed vegetables, or fresh if you have them,

Cooked rice, to serve.

Heat oil in a heavy based pan on medium to high heat (depending on the tolerance of your pan) and fry onion, celery and carrot for a minute.  Stir through lemongrass paste and green curry paste and fry for two minutes.  Add chicken and brown.  Add coconut milk, sugar, juice, soy sauce and mix well.  Depending on the thickness of the vegetables, you may need to add them now, or if very finely chopped (no cauliflower or broccoli) you can add them closer to the end.  Simmer for 10-15 minutes or until the chicken is cooked through.  Decorate with extra lime leaves or coriander and serve with lots of rice to soak up all that yummy sauce.


Tip:  Kaffir lime leaves aren’t always the easiest item to source.  But you can freeze them without any preparation and they take virtually no time to defrost once you take them out.  I buy them a handful at a time at Victoria Market, I am sure they will be available at your local market.  Just seal the bag well or put in a well sealed plastic container before you put them in the freezer.