Slow cooked (crock cooker) beef with bay leaves and ginger

Winter is almost over (and it has been a cold one, so I will be happy to see it go) but one good thing about the cold weather is the warming meals you can cook.  I love this one, partly because we have a bay tree at home, so I feel a tad self righteous with this, just because one ingredient is home grown!  I also love that warm, sweet heat from ginger.  As always, you can use regular flour if that is what you have, but if you use gluten free flour, then the whole recipe is gluten free.

I usually prepare this the evening before I need it, then either put it on to cook before I go out, or get someone in the family to put it on if I am leaving too early.

Serves four.

Beef with ginger and bay leaves in the slow (crock) cooker

Beef with  bay leaves and ginger in the slow (crock) cooker

750g gravy beef (you can use chuck steak, but I prefer gravy beef), cubed;

2 tbs olive oil;

Brown onion, chopped;

2 tbs gluten free plain flour;

500ml beef stock;

1 tbs tomato puree;

1 tbs vinegar;

2 tsp brown sugar;

3 bay leaves;

6 cm piece of ginger, peeled and very finely chopped.

Heat half the oil in a frypan, brown half the beef.  When done, lift out with a slotted spoon so that the juices remain in the pan and put in crock.  Repeat with the rest of the oil and beef.  Fry the onion in the pan that still has the juices in it until the onion is softening and just slightly browned.  Stir in the flour, then mix in all the other ingredients.  Season with salt and pepper if you prefer (I think the ginger will add all the seasoning you need).

Cook for 8 to 10 hours on low.

I like to serve this with rice to soak up the sauce, but you could also try mashed potatoes if you prefer.