Plum sherbet – gluten free

You need to prepare this the day before so it can freeze overnight.  I used preserved plums for this – the kind that you buy in a tin or a bottle in the tinned fruit aisle of the supermarket (be careful, they might still have the stones in them).  Or if you have stewed plums yourself, you could use these.  You will get enough for about 6 servings out of this, more if you serve the sherbet in cones.

Plum sherbert

Plum sherbet


Four plums plus approximately four tablespoons of the juice

1 cup gluten free icing sugar

300 ml thickened cream

1 cup greek style yoghurt


Beat the cream until soft peaks form.  Mix the plums and sugar together until plums are broken up and the sugar is dissolved into the mix.  Fold into the cream, then fold in the yoghurt.  Put into an airtight container and freeze overnight.

You can vary this to use your favourite fruit, just make sure it is soft.  Canned or bottled fruits are best, but you could mash up some fresh berries or mango, whatever you prefer so long as it is soft.