Nan’s carrots

Every Christmas Nan would make cream carrots, bless her.  I miss them and I am sure mine are nowhere near as nice, but they are pretty close.  In later years the family got so large as everyone had children, that the Christmas meal became a smorgasbord, which was really lovely.  All those lovely Christmas meats and vegetables, and you could pick and choose what you wanted to eat.  Oh yum.

The quantity given is to serve four, obviously if you are feeding a crowd you will need to double or triple it.


Nan’s carrots

Four large carrots, very finely sliced (if you are cooking a lot, a mandolin might be a good idea here)

Approximately 1/4 cup of cream (it depends on how big your carrots are, you will see later)

Approximately 1 tbsp fresh mint leaves, sliced finely

Pinch of salt

Put the carrots and salt in a large, heavy based saucepan and cook until soft.  When draining, save the water if you can, it really makes the gravy taste rich and lovely if you use vegetable water instead of plain water.

On a low heat, put the carrots back in the pot, with enough cream to just cover, and add mint.  Stir while cream heats, do not let it boil.  Serve while hot (although it can be reheated on a gentle heat or in a microwave on medium).