Chicken with sundried tomatoes and capers

This is cooked in one pot, so is wonderful for a midweek easy meal.  It will serve four, I serve it with rice to soak up the sauce, although polenta might work with this, considering the mediterranean flavours in the dish.

Chicken with sundried tomatoes and capers

Chicken with sundried tomatoes and capers

6 spring onions, slice the white part finely, slice the green part into 1cm lengths;

1 clove garlic, finely sliced.

2 tbsp oil (you can either use olive oil, or the oil that the sundried tomatoes were preserved in);

Four small chicken breast fillets (or two large ones filleted in half);

1 cup of cream;

Half a 320g of sundried tomatoes which have been packed in oil rather than vinegar;

2 tbs capers (the capers should be salty enough that you won’t need to add salt, but you can add a little pepper if you prefer).


Heat the oil in a large, heavy based frypan which is capable of taking all the chicken at once.  Add the spring onions, garlic and chicken, and fry until the chicken is cooked almost all the way through (this will vary depending on the thickness of your fillets – to check, skewer the thick part of the breast, if the juice runs a vibrant pink the chicken is still raw inside.  If it is clear, the chicken is done, so you want it to be still a little bit pink, but not much).

Remove the chicken from the heat and keep warm.  Boil a kettle (you don’t want to use cold water or you might crack or warp your pan) and deglaze the pan with a little hot water, scraping all the burnt bits of garlic and onion and making a thick fluid in the pan.

Reduce the heat to medium, and add the cream, tomatoes and capers, and slowly bring to heat, don’t allow the cream to boil or it will split or curdle.

Return the chicken to the pan, and finish off the cooking, turning and basting with the sauce to keep moist and to ensure the chicken is covered with sauce.


If you like white wine, you could use some warmed wine to deglaze the pan instead of hot water.