Low sugar mango mousse

I love the tropical flavours in summer.  I also love Mango, but hate the mess I make of myself trying to cut one up.  Imagine my excitement when I found mango in juice in a jar in the supermarket!  Then I debated with myself whether to just scoff it as it was, or make it into something.  I experimented with making a mousse, as there was a mango mousse that I used to love, but the restaurant would not part with the recipe, so I had to guess.  I call this a low sugar mousse as I just added a bit as I went and stopped when I thought there was enough.  This mousse is not very sweet, but I like that.  You can add more sugar if you like a sweet mousse.  This quantity serves 4.

Low sugar mango mousse

Low sugar mango mousse

1 X 650g jar mango in juice, drained

2 tbsp icing sugar

300 ml cream

1 tbsp gelatine

2 tbsp hot water (boil the kettle, and stop if just before it boils)

1 cup juice either from the mango jar, or pineapple juice if you have it


Put the cream in a mixer and beat until soft peaks form.  In the meantime, mash the mango in a small bowl.  Mix the gelatine and hot water, then sieve into the juice.  Slowly pour the juice into the cream while the beaters are still running, and then continue beating the cream until stiff peaks form.  Fold through the mashed mango, then put into a bowl and refrigerate for at least two hours, longer if possible.