Creamy Lime Mousse

As we are currently enjoying some unseasonably warm weather, I can squeeze in one more ‘summer’ dessert before we return to hot puddings and the like.  This is a favourite of mine, it is very quick and easy to make with just a little forward planning.

This mousse began its life as a sort of cheesecake, but when himself was diagnosed as a coeliac, I decided to dispense with the crumb crust, putting the ‘filling’ in a bowl as it is quite light in texture so is really more of a mousse than a cheesecake anyway  (it doesn’t have much cheese in it at all).  Although this version is lime flavoured, since the colour of the jelly suggests the flavour and most of the flavour comes from the jelly with just a hint of juice to cut through the sweetness, you could really make this any flavour, depending on what jelly you have in the cupboard.  I have also taken this to a friend’s Grand Final Party, adjusting the jelly to suit the colour of the team and decorating it as well – so you can be inventive with this.

The reason I said there’s a bit of forward planning in this is that the evaporated milk beats up best when it is chilled – I put the tin in the freezer for up to an hour before I need it, then shake it well before I open it (you want to mix any crystals back into the liquid).  Don’t forget it – I never have but the urban myth says “Boom!” so don’t find out the hard way if tins really DO explode when they are left in the freezer.  (Likewise you can also freeze the unused half of the evaporated milk, but take it out well in advance to give it time to defrost).  It should only be just forming crystals – if it is frozen it won’t beat successfully.


Creamy Lime Mousse

Creamy Lime Mousse

Creamy Lime Mousse

1 X 85g packet lime jelly crystals

1 cup boiling water

125g cream cheese

½ cup caster sugar

Half a 375ml tin of evaporated milk

Squeeze of lime juice (you can use lemon juice if this is all you have – it is the tang you are seeking to reduce the sweetness from the other ingredients rather than the authentic lime flavour)


Make up the jelly with the boiling water (do not use 2 cups as most jelly packets say as it will be too liquid for this recipe) – leave until it is almost set – it should be still liquid but getting wobbly.  It won’t take very long because you have used a reduced amount of water.


Beat the evaporated milk until it doubles in size.

Beat together the cream cheese and sugar.

Fold the cream cheese/sugar mix into the evaporated milk, then fold in the cooled, thickening  jelly. Once combined, gently fold in the lime juice.

Gently spoon mixture into a bowl, it will take about 2-3 hours to set.  If you are going to leave it in the fridge overnight, cover with cling film so it doesn’t dry out.

You can decorate with sugared sprinkles, lime leaves, fruit, anything you fancy.