Jan’s Sandwiches

Yes, you read that right, “Jan Sandwiches”, not “Jam Sandwiches”.  I know this isn’t actually a recipe, but with the festive season coming up, there’s always room for new ideas for entertaining. There’s a little story behind the naming of these…

Recently my daughter was looking for tasty, portable food for a picnic.  I remembered these, and told her what to do.  I suggested she make “Jan’s sandwiches”, but of course she heard “Jam sandwiches” – so I had to explain.  My late mother in law – Jan – used to make these as part of the fabulous feasts she used to put on whenever she had visitors.  Great finger food, not complicated, really easy to eat.  Wow, my mother in law could cook, and put on a spread you wouldn’t believe.

Anyway, these were well received at the picnic, and finding myself home for the day today, I rummaged in the fridge and was rewarded to find the leftover fixings, so made one for myself for lunch.

You will need four slices of bread for each.  You can get creative and mix different coloured breads for an interesting effect, so long as they are the same size.  You will need either an electric knife or a really sharp knife for cutting, because if you press down when cutting you will squash them, the fillings might ooze out and they will not look very nice.

Jan’s Sandwiches

Jan's sandwiches

Jan’s sandwiches

At least one loaf of bread

A jar of cream cheese spread

A jar of gherkin spread

Butter (the soft spreadable kind)

Sliced ham (it is best to get the square ham that fits the bread slices so you don’t have too much wastage)

Butter each slice of bread.  Then create a stack.  Put ham on one slice, put another slice of bread, buttered side up, on top.  Then gently cover that slice with cream cheese spread.  Put another slice of bread, buttered side up, on top.  Gentlhy cover that slice with gherkin spread, then put the last slice, buttered side down on top.  Hold the stack gently, and with your knife, slice off the crusts.  Then cut the sandwich into three fingers.  Repeat until you have enough sandwiches.


PS – nothing really gets wasted around here – the magpies really love the crusts….

Nice crusts, see you next time!

Nice crusts, see you next time!