Gluten free Turkey Sausage Rolls – also good for watching the AFL Grand Final or having at a party!

These are made with the same pastry as the pork sausage rolls, I just changed the filling for a bit of variety.

Gluten free Turkey Sausage Rolls

Gluten free Turkey Sausage Rolls

Preheat the oven to 200 Celcius for a fan forced oven, 220 if not


2/3 cup rice flour

1/3 cup coconut flour

1/3 cup buckwheat flour (or buckwheat ground fine if you can’t get buckwheat flour, see below for proof that I really went that extra mile!)

1/3 cup arrowroot (tapioca starch)

1 tbs white chia seeds, lightly ground if possible

1/2 tsp xanthan gum

Pinch salt

125g butter chopped finely

1 egg, separated

Iced water, if required


500g turkey mince (this would also work with chicken)

1/4 cup gluten free breadcrumbs (you can get these usually in the health food aisle of the supermarket, sometimes they are actual GF breadcrumbs, sometimes they are rice husks which will also work)

1 tsp Thai green curry paste

Put the flours, salt, gum and chia seeds in a large bowl, rub in the butter.  Mix in the egg yolk, and water if you need it, until you have a dough.  Turn out onto board floured with additional rice flour or other gluten free flour and knead into a ball.  Divide into three and allow to rest while you prepare the filling.

Put the mince, crumbs and curry paste in a large bowl and mix well.

Roll out one third of the dough to a rectangle about 22 X 13 cm.  Put one third of the filling along the middle from one end to another.  Gently gather up one long edge of the dough and roll over the filling, rolling the whole thing over until you can’t see the filling any more.  Cut into four pieces, place on tray, join side down.

Repeat with other two parts of dough and filling.  Brush tops of sausage rolls with egg white.

Serve with a gluten free tomato sauce.