Jaffingtons – Happy Australia Day!

I love choc orange, so tried a little addition to the Lamington – making an orange flavoured cake base, and adding a little orange essence to the chocolate icing.  So that the cake isn’t very crumbly when you are icing it, you can either make it the day before, or at least make it several hours ahead so that it is completely cold when you are preparing the lamington.  A warm cake will crumble and absorb too much icing.

(Lamingtons with Orange Flavouring)


Basic buttercake recipe:

125g butter

1/2 cup caster sugar

2 eggs

1 1/2 cups gluten free self raising flour

Liquid 1/2 cup

(I juiced an orange and used the juice, and topped up the liquid quantity with milk)

2 tsp grated orange rind

Chocolate Icing

1 1/3 cup icing sugar

4 tsp cocoa powder

6 drops orange essence

Water to mix to a spreadable consistency

Dessicated coconut (you will need approximately three cups, but this varies depending on how thick you like it, and how finely cut the coconut is)

Cream the butter and sugar, then add the eggs, one at a time.  Alternately mix in the flour and liquid, and lastly the orange peel.  Pour into lamington pan and bake at 180 degrees celcius (170 for fan forced) for 25-35 minutes, or until a skewer comes out clean.  Let cool in the pan for a few minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack and let it go cold.  If you will be icing the cake the next day, store securely overnight (either in an airtight container or cover with cling wrap when it is cold).

Mix icing sugar and cocoa powder together, add orange essence then water, a tablespoon at a time until  the icing has a loose, but not runny consistency – you will be rolling the cake in it so need it to be fluid enough to coat the cake.   Put the coconut into a shallow dish or a plate.

Now for the messy bit (kids will probably love doing this, but there might be lots of finger licking, so be aware of that!

Cut the cake into the size you like (you should get about 24 squares from the mix) and roll in the icing until all six sides are covered.  Although this is messy, this part is best done with your fingers, trying to do it with forks or tongs will take forever!  Once the cake is well coated, roll in the coconut.  A couple of minutes in the fridge to firm up the icing before serving is a good idea.


Happy Australia Day to you all!