Gluten free “ferrero rochers”

My husband used to love Ferrero Rocher until he was diagnosed coeliac, and of course, they aren’t gluten free.  These aren’t the real thing, but they are close, and while you of course can use ordinary wafer biscuits (which are much cheaper) the use of gluten free ones will make the recipe suitable for coeliacs.  This mixture makes about 30 if you use a teaspoon as a guide when shaping the balls.  The recipe is a bit fussy, but because it has three stages, you can do a bit, then leave it and come back to it later.

Gluten free "ferrero rochers"

Gluten free “ferrero rochers”


100g packet chocolate wafer biscuits, crushed (I find the easiest way is to put each biscuit in the bottom of a sturdy mixing bowl and whack it a couple of times with a heavy pestle, then throw in the next biscuit and repeat the process);

150g toasted hazelnuts (roughly rub off the skins once they are toasted, but if you miss some it doesn’t matter);

200g hazelnut spread;

200g dark chocolate;

2 tbsp oil.

Mix the biscuits, hazelnuts and nutella in a large bowl, refrigerate for 1/2 to 1 hour.  Put baking paper on a baking sheet, and using a teaspoon, shape into small balls and put each on the sheet.  Put back in the fridge for an hour.

Take half the chocolate and half the oil, combine in a microwave safe jug, and in 20 second bursts, melt together.  I usually shake the jug after each, and after about a minute (3 bursts) I mix vigorously with a spoon to finish the melting process.  Coat each ball in chocolate and place back on the tray.  You should be able to do half the balls with the first mixture, then repeat.  Put back in the fridge to set before serving.