Beetroot, red onion and carrot coleslaw – gluten free

I have to do a bit of “blowing my own trumpet” here, I used home grown beetroots!  I have had good crops of carrots too, but unfortunately I didn’t have any when the beetroots were ready, so this salad was only partly from homegrown ingredients – but it was very tasty.  The dressing has a bit of vinegar in it, if you don’t like it too vinegary, put a bit less vinegar in it, as there is plenty of liquid in this dressing anyway.  If you put green finishing touches on it, you could almost call this a “Christmas themed” salad as it is almost red and green, although beetroot is more crimson than red.


2-3 medium to large beets, raw, peeled and sliced on a mandolin, but if you can slice them into very thin matchsticks, that will do;

6 medium carrots, sliced the same as above;

1 small red onion, very thinly sliced;


1/4 cup red wine vinegar;

2 tablespoons lemon juice;

1 tablespoon of honey;

1 tablespoon of garlic flavoured olive oil;

1/4 cup regular olive oil;

3 tablespoons dried parsley, or 1/2 cup fresh & chopped;

Salt and pepper to taste.


Place sliced vegetables in a large bowl (it’s best to use a different bowl for mixing and then put it into the presentation bowl later, as the beetroot does make a bit of a mess.  Combine dressing ingredients in a large jug.  Pour into vegetables and mix.

Dress with a little more parsley if you like, or I used some sliced snow peas.  You could use chopped nuts if you prefer.