Asparagus in Bechamel sauce

If you find yourself with extra Bechamel sauce leftover after making something like Lasagne.  You can use the sauce on just about any vegetable, I just happened to have some Asparagus in the fridge.


2 bunches Asparagus, chopped into 2cm lengths, heads separate

Squirt of lemon juice

Leftover bechamel sauce (add parsley to sauce for variety)

Cut the asparagus into short lengths, keep heads separate, place chopped stalks in microwave safe dish with a squirt of lemon juice and just enough water to cover.  Cook for six minutes, then put in a serving dish that is also microwave safe.  Cook heads separately for two minutes.  Place cut stalks in bottom of bowl, cover with bechamel sauce then arrange the heads over the top and cook another two minutes.