Microwave Thai Coconut Rice

Recently I discovered these yummy Thai Chicken Sausages.  Talking to a friend about “What’s for dinner tonight” (you know who you are!) I was musing on what I could serve with them.  My friend suggested coconut rice and steamed asian greens.  Brilliant idea (thank you!!).  I like to microwave my rice, and I also like to use Basmati Rice after being told by a dietician that it has a lower GI than Jasmine rice, so I played around with some standard recipes until I came up with this one.  I put some bok choy in the microwave too (I have a microwave steamer, thank you Tupperware for that idea) and the picture below shows you the result.  Four of us ate, we even had a little rice (and unfortunately some greens – bad family!) left over.

Microwave Thai Coconut Rice

Microwave Thai Coconut Rice

Microwave Thai Coconut Rice

2 cups Basmati Rice (you can of course use Jasmine, which is fragrant but apparently goes straight to sugar in your bloodstream);

400ml tin coconut milk;

1 tin water (fill the tin with water after you empty the milk out and swish it around to get the last bits of milk out);

2 tsp white sugar;

2 tsp lemongrass paste;

Squeeze of lime juice;

Pinch of salt.

Combine all ingredients in a 3 litre microwave safe dish with lid, stir. (I have a stacker dish, I can stack another dish on top so for some of the cooking period this is covered, for some it isn’t).

To stack another dish on top: Cook uncovered for 14 minutes  if you are stacking a steamer for greens, cook for two additional minutes with steamer on it.

If you aren’t stacking, put the lid on for the last two minutes of cooking time (16 minutes in total).

Stand for two minutes, then fluff with a fork.

Decorate with kaffir lime leaf cut into shreds, or coriander leaves.

Nb:  In the photo, I used two bok choy which I steamed, then put the rice in the middle of the dish, surrounded with the greens, then placed the thai chicken sausages on top.