Yummy Raspberry Bliss – Gluten free

When asking my family what to call this, my son said “Yummy”.  It is, however I also wanted something a bit more descriptive, my daughter suggested Raspberry Bliss, so it is now called Yummy Raspberry Bliss.  It is easy to make, no cooking, except for boiling the kettle for the jelly of course!  It serves four.

(Yummy) Raspberry Bliss


1 packet raspberry jelly

1 punnet (125g) fresh raspberries

250g block cream cheese

405g can sweetened condensed milk.


Make up the jelly with only 250ml of boiling water, once the crystals are dissolved, put aside to cool and partially set.  You need it to be the consistency of curdled cream – not runny but not set either.  This should take about two hours or so, depending on the temperature.

When the jelly is ready, mix together the cream cheese and condensed milk until smooth.  Then fold through the jelly and the raspberries, reserving four for decorations.

Spoon into serving dishes – I used stemless wine glasses so you will need each dish to hold at least a cup.

Refrigerate for two hours until set – as the jelly finishes setting it will help the mixture to set.

Decorate and eat.


Olive dip – gluten free

Sometimes I find myself left with half a container of something, because the recipe only called for a small amount of an ingredient.  Not wanting to be wasteful and throw it out, I try to “repurpose” food.  I bought some cream cheese for my Frog in a Pond mini cheesecakes, but didn’t use it all.  I also had some camembert left over from my Picnic chicken, so put together a snack plate.  I had some Kalamata olives in the fridge, so whizzed them together with the cream cheese to make a dip.  It was quite tasty. I served it with gluten free rice crackers.

Black olive dip

Black olive dip

125g cream cheese

20 black (pitted of course) olives


Combine cream cheese and olives in a small food processor and whizz.  You don’t have to drain the olives first, just give them a little shake as you take them out of the jar, the small amount of liquid clinging to them will help with the blending process.  Spoon into a container for serving.