Cream cheese, salted caramel and espresso delight

This was an experiment, and I didn’t know what to name it.  The sauces were excess fillings from my chocolate making attempts recently.  It was very yum, the cheese has that slight tang, and the sugar overload from the chocolate makes a good balance.  This is very easy, no cooking required, only mixing, and you can either serve it straight away or put it in the fridge until required (the sauce on top will thicken a bit once cold).  It serves five, four if you are hungry.

Cream cheese with espresso and salted caramel sauces

Cream cheese with espresso and salted caramel sauces

2 X250g blocks of light cream cheese;

4 tbs pouring cream;

1/2 cup salted caramel filling as used in chocolates;

1/2 cup espresso filling as used in chocolates.


In a mixer, mix the cream cheese and cream until well blended.  Fold through the salted caramel filling.  Spoon into a bowl.  Microwave the espresso filling in 30 second bursts until it is pouring consistency and pour over the top.