Curried rice salad, colourful for Christmas entertaining

This is really pretty, you form it in a mould (I use my Tupperware Jel-Ring) and the colours of the vegetables are so Christmassy!  Serve it on a matching plate, and it really reminds you that the Big Day is just around the corner.  Also, after Christmas, you can even use it as a summer salad, as it has pineapple in it, and the curried coconut dressing makes you feel all tropical and summery (sorry to my Northern Hemisphere readers, you will just have to keep this in mind for later!)

Curried rice salad with pineapple

Curried rice salad with pineapple

1 & 1/2 cups cooked white rice

1/2 cup finely sliced celery

3 spring onions, finely sliced

1/2 cup frozen peas and corn

1/2 each red and green capsicum

1 tin of drained pineapple chunks (keep the juice – you can use it to flavour a cake later)

1 small grated carrot

Salt and pepper to taste

3 tbsp curried coconut dressing


Spray the jel-ring with cooking spray.  Mix all the ingredients in a bowl.  Press firmly into jel-ring.  Place in fridge for at least half an hour, more if possible.  When ready, turn onto a serving dish gently.  This will hold its shape, but not if you are overly rough with it.