Slow cooker beef, beetroot and root vegetable casserole

The vegetable patch is finally yielding some vegies, but I got beetroots in winter, so didn’t really feel like putting them in a salad!  This should serve four, with crusty bread to accompany.

Beef and root vegetable casserole

1 tsp olive oil

500g gravy beef, cut into 2cm pieces

1 onion, finely chopped

2 beetroot, chopped into 2cm cubes

6 carrots, sliced thickly

1 parsnip, chopped into 2cm cubes

2 tbs gluten free flour, to dust

1 tsp gluten free worcestershire sauce

Salt and pepper, to taste

Sufficient beef stock to just cover the vegetables and meat in the slow cooker

1 tbs gluten free cornflour, if necessary to thicken at the end of cooking


Fry the onions in oil until soft, add the meat and just brown. Sprinkle flour over meat to coat, and stir in worcestershire sauce to combine.

Place in slow cooker with vegetables. Use just enough stock to cover the meat and vegetables in the slow cooker.

Cook on low for 9 hours.  If the liquid is too runny when it is cooked, make a dredge with the cornflour and just enough water to mix, then quickly stir through the casserole, turning slow cooker to high for 15 minutes.  The beetroot will colour the parsnip and leach into the gravy a little bit, but a bit of colour is good!

Season to taste and serve.