Strawberry burnt butter tart – gluten free

This is one use for the Gluten free chocolate, coffee and coconut sweet pie crusts.  It can be eaten warm or cold.  Being strawberries, of course it is nice served with cream.

Strawberry burnt butter tart - gluten free

Strawberry burnt butter tart – gluten free

One Gluten free chocolate, coffee and coconut sweet pie crust (a shallow one rather than a deep one)

1/2 cup sugar

2 large eggs

Pinch salt

1/4 cup plain gluten free flour

1 tsp vanilla extract

110g unsalted butter, cubed

1 large punnet fresh strawberries

Preheat oven to 180 Celcius if fan forced, 200 if not.

Hull and halve the strawberries, and arrange around the base of the crust.

Whisk eggs, sugar, salt and vanilla in a medium sized bowl.  Whisk flour in and beat until smooth.  Melt butter in pan, and stirring frequently (you have to keep monitoring it, as if you turn your back on it, it is sure to froth up and go all over your stovetop) cook until a rich brown colour.  Whisk vigorously into the flour/egg mixture.  Pour over the berries in the crust.  Bake for approximately 40 minutes or until filling is puffed and golden.

Allow to cool a little – as I have frequently complained, gluten free flours are notoriously crumbly, and if you try to take this out of the tin while it is still hot, it will crumble.  If you let it cool a little, and are very gentle, you will get it out of the tin with the minimum of damage.  If you have a loose bottomed tin, or a silicone “tin” you can allow it to go cold in the tin as it will still be relatively simple to get out.  If it is completely cold, the crust will be less likely to crumble.

Decorate with fresh berries if you have some leftover, and serve with cream.  This should serve about 8 people comfortably.

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