Sticky cranberry white Christmas cheesecake – gluten free

For those of you who remember that kids’ party stalwart – the Chocolate Crackle – here is one adaptation all dressed up for Christmas!  I made it in a large round springform cake tine (around 24cm) as I wanted the base to be thin – the white chocolate and copha set quite hard and if it was too thick you would never get through it.  This is a lovely, oozy mixture, you will get your fingers messy, when eating it, so keep those napkins handy!  If you want it less sticky, dial back the amount of lemon juice you add, but you will need some to offset the sweetness of the white chocolate and condensed milk.

Sticky cranberry white Christmas cheesecake



125g copha (solidified white vegetable fat);

100g white chocolate;

2 cups gluten free puffed rice.



395g tin condensed milk;

225g block cream cheese;

1 tbs lemon juice;

170g dried cranberries.


To decorate:

Gluten free red chocolate balls and spearmint leaves.



Spray the springform pan with olive oil, lightly and set aside.

Cut the copha into smaller cubes (as it takes longer to melt than the chocolate does) and combine in a heatproof bowl with the white chocolate.  Microwave on high for 30 second bursts, shaking the bowl in between bursts, and stirring the mixture as it melts.  Once melted, stir to combine, add the puffed rice and mix vigorously.  It doesn’t matter if you crush some of the rice.  Press into the springform pan and put in the fridge while you prepare the topping.

Cut the cream cheese into chunks, and mix or blend with the condensed milk.  Add the lemon juice and mix until smooth.  Fold through the cranberries.  Spoon over the base, and allow to set at least four hours.  Decorate when ready to serve.


You can either cut this into squares for finger food (sticky) or into small wedges so that it can be eaten with a spoon.  It is less messy to eat with a spoon, but the base is more resistant to a spoon than to teeth, so it ends up being easier to pick up in your fingers and take a bite anyway.

It may be messy, but it is very tasty!

The whole slice

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