Olive dip – gluten free

Sometimes I find myself left with half a container of something, because the recipe only called for a small amount of an ingredient.  Not wanting to be wasteful and throw it out, I try to “repurpose” food.  I bought some cream cheese for my Frog in a Pond mini cheesecakes, but didn’t use it all.  I also had some camembert left over from my Picnic chicken, so put together a snack plate.  I had some Kalamata olives in the fridge, so whizzed them together with the cream cheese to make a dip.  It was quite tasty. I served it with gluten free rice crackers.

Black olive dip

Black olive dip

125g cream cheese

20 black (pitted of course) olives


Combine cream cheese and olives in a small food processor and whizz.  You don’t have to drain the olives first, just give them a little shake as you take them out of the jar, the small amount of liquid clinging to them will help with the blending process.  Spoon into a container for serving.

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