Microwave chocolate and pistachio fudge

I think this is the easiest fudge recipe possible.  It only has four ingredients, if you leave out the pistachios and make a plain fudge, it’s only three.  I like this with dark chocolate, but you could just as easily make it with milk chocolate if that’s your preference.

Two main points to consider – you don’t completely melt the chocolate in the microwave, it will only partially melt (don’t worry if you take it out and it hasn’t melted – it’s better to do it this way rather than let it burn or sieze by overcooking it), and you MUST line your lamington tin with plastic wrap, or you are going to have a sticky, gooey mess you can’t do anything with.


Microwave chocolate and pistachio fudge


Dark chocolate and pistachio fudge (gluten free)

Dark chocolate and pistachio fudge (gluten free)

395g can of condensed milk;

375g dark chocolate, either choc bits or chopped;

50g butter;

2/3 cups chopped pistachios (more or less as per your preference).


Put all ingredients in a microwave safe bowl (I put the chocolate in the bottom, then the butter, then the condensed milk).  Cook on high for 2 1/2 to 3 minutes, depending on your microwave wattage.  When you take it out the chocolate should be starting to melt, but not melted.  Mix with a spoon or silicon spatula until the chocolate is melted and the mixture is smooth.  Stir in the chopped nuts, then pour into a lamington tin which has been lined with glad wrap.   Place in fridge to set.


When set (I leave it for a couple of hours, but check it after an hour) upturn onto a cutting board (I normally place the  board on the top of the lamington tin, then – holding the tin securely at each end, “flip” it over, put it on the bench then take the tin off the upturned mixture), then slowly peel the glad wrap from the slab of fudge.  Cut into small slices (I usually cut on an angle, but you can do this however you prefer) then cut the slices into pieces.  It is rich and sweet so you will want smaller pieces rather than larger.


Obviously this recipe can easily be altered for your personal tastes.  You can substitute the nuts for some other type (try walnut, almond or macadamia) or you can even experiment with dried fruit such as raisins.  Just be careful not to add extra moisture as this fudge is gooey to start with.

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