Low fat Mango Mousse

This mousse is very similar to my Lime Mousse, it is loaded with sugar but because it isn’t cream based, it is lower in fat.  It is very simple to make and sets quickly.  I got five reasonable sized serves from the mix, but you could make four really full ones, or six smaller ones, it depends on what you want and the size of your dessert dishes.

Low fat Mango Mousse

Low fat Mango Mousse

Low fat Mango Mousse

I pack mango flavoured jelly

125g cream cheese

1/2 a tin of evaporated milk (the 400g size – see below for hint)

1/2 cup caster sugar

1 big ripe mango or two smaller ones

Mix up the jelly with only one cup of boiling water, put in the fridge to cool and partially sent.   You want it thick, but not set so that it is still at a pouring consistency.

Put the chilled evaporated milk in a mixing bowl and beat it until it is stiff and white.  It should at least double, preferably more.  Set aside.

Beat the sugar and cream cheese together until combined.   (My mixmaster has a small and large bowl, I first beat the milk in the small bowl, then put in the large bowl and beat the sugar and cheese together).

Pour the thickened jelly into the cheese mixture and beat until combined.

Put chopped mango into the mixer while the beaters are turning slowly, and allow to mix and it will also cut up the larger chunks a little.

Then fold through the beaten evaporated milk, and once well combined spoon into serving dishes and refrigerate until combined.



When I make this recipe (or the lime version) I put the tin into the freezer for a little while, about half an hour, as it beats best when chilled.  Don’t forget the tin though!  Once you have used half the tin for the recipe, you can put the other half into a container and freeze it for another time.  It won’t take very long to defrost, and you can still start beating it even if it is a little crystalline, so long as it has defrosted enough that it isn’t one large block of milky ice.  Or if cooking for a larger crowd, just double everything, although you will need the bigger bowl to mix the evaporated milk as it will expand.

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