Laziest Shepherd’s Pie EVER

It’s not really a Shepherd’s Pie – no mashed potato!

But for something quick and easy when you are pushed for time, or really can’t be bothered – it is tasty, even if a little sloppy. You could cook it in individual ramekins if you are worried about the “plating experience”. It serves four with some yummy bread to mop up the sauces.


500g beef mince (you could use lamb or chicken, but I preferred the beef for this);

A handful of finely chopped veg (something that will soften quickly);

1 jar (500g or thereabouts) of a tomato based sauce such as a bolognese or similar (gluten free of course);

1 jar (500g or thereabouts) of cheese sauce – the type for pasta bakes is best (again, read the label and choose the gluten free one);

Two big handfuls of grated cheese of your preference.

Method (really easy here!)

Brown the mince & chopped veg. Stir in the bolognese sauce. Place into a casserole dish of about 1.5 litre capacity (I like my cast iron for this – then it is truly a one pot dish – you can brown the mince, assemble the dish and put it under the griller all in one). Cover gently (you don’t want them to mix in) with the cheese sauce, then sprinkle the grated cheese over.

Grill until the cheese is golden, or as I prefer it, golden with some browner bits. This should take 5-10 minutes, depending on your grill. Even if you use individual ramekins, the mixture should still be warm, you are just heating up the cheese sauce and melting the cheese, so it should take a similar time – just monitor it to make sure the cheese doesn’t burn.

Eat. See – how easy was that?

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