My next step is to try dipping this in chocolate, and making a ‘chocolate bar’, or using the small crumbs in various other desserts, but try this first.

Warning, it is VERY sweet.




1/2 cup caster sugar

4 tbs honey

1 1/2 tsp bi-carb of soda


The first thing to do is to prepare your tin first – you won’t get time to do it once you start making this.  I use either a small log pan, or one of those take-away plastic containers.  Line with a layer of aluminium foil – try not to have too many creases or folds or the comb will ooze into it and you will have to cut off the edges.  Lightly spray it with cooking oil, not too much or the comb will start shrinking when it hits the oil.

Mix the honey and sugar in a heavy based pot.  You can stir it while it is melting together, but once it has melted you shouldn’t stir it (you could splash and burn yourself quite badly).  Bring it to a slow boil, let it boil for a couple of minutes.  Then take it off the heat and quickly stir through the bi-carb.  The mixture will go opaque and froth up a lot.  As soon as you are confident that the soda has mixed through, pour it into the prepared dish.  Let it set, then cut or smash into pieces.

While it is setting, I usually boil the kettle, pour the kettle into the messy sticky pan, and stir the boiling water around.  It will get all the bits off your pan, and make washup much easier.

This recipe also works by substituting golden syrup for the honey, but I have tried maple syrup and the recipe always fails.  It turns out too gooey – almost like a soft toffee.

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