Gluten free Rocky Road – eat while watching the AFL Grand Final!

One of hubby’s favourite chocolates (among many of course) is Rocky Road.  Of course, usually it isn’t gluten free, so I made one.  All you really have to do is use gluten free biscuits and make sure that the marshmallows are gluten free, and the rest of the ingredients shouldn’t be a problem.  It is very sweet, but yummy.  I use a silicone loaf pan to make mine, once the rocky road has set it is easy to “peel” away the cake pan, it saves all that hassle of greasing tins and layering them with paper!  Too hard!

Gluten free Rocky Road

Gluten free Rocky Road

125g gluten free plain biscuits (I used arrowroot ones here), roughly chopped

250g pink and white gluten free marshmallows, cut in half with wet scissors (keep a cup of water nearby and keep dipping the scissors in)

100g red glace cherries, cut in half

1/2 cup hazelnuts, roughly chopped

500g dark chocolate

250g milk chocolate


Place all ingredients except the chocolates into a large bowl.

Put the dark chocolate into a microwave safe bowl and in 30 second bursts, melt it.  I usually find that after each burst, I shake the bowl, it should only take about three bursts until the chocolate is starting to melt.  When you can see it is soft, take it out and mix vigorously to finish off the melting process and make sure the chocolate is smooth.  (When melting the chocolate in the microwave you have to be careful because if you heat it too much it will sieze and you will have to throw it out and start again).

When the chocolate is melted and smooth, mix through the ingredients in the bowl.  Spoon mixture into the loaf pan.

Put the milk chocolate into the microwave safe bowl (you can use the same bowl that you used for the dark chocolate, it won’t matter), melt it using the same method.  When melted and smooth, spread over the top of the mixture in the loaf pan, trying to fill in the gaps.

Chill for an hour, then cut using a heavy knife.

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