Ginger chocolates – for the serious ginger addict!

I made these for my mother recently, she has a serious ginger addiction!  While I like ginger in savoury dishes, she loves it in any form, even encased in chocolate.  There was a lot of ginger in these, so unless you really like it, tread carefully!

Ginger chocolates (gluten free)

Ginger chocolates (gluten free)

200g milk chocolate, cut up finely, plus extra for tempering.

100g processed ginger – I used the “nude” variety, the one not rolled in sugar, although if you like your chocolates sweet, you could use the crystallised variety.


Temper the chocolate as per the directions for the caramel chocolates, and cover the moulds to coat.  Leave to thicken just a little, then upend the mould over your bowl of chocolate and let the excess run out.  Place in the fridge to harden while you prepare the ginger.

To prepare the ginger, I cut it finely with a knife.  You could use a food processor, but don’t turn it to mush, small chunks for chewiness is better.  Put into moulds, compacting firmly but allowing a little bit of room for chocolate to fill up the gaps.  Soften the remaining chocolate (you can just put it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so, you won’t need to retemper it) then coat the back of the chocolates, scraping the excess off the mould.

Once set, unmould and enjoy.

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