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Sometimes we have a hankering for something sweet, but although I will often put in an effort for a really good dessert, there are times when I just can’t be bothered (more often than I care to admit).

One of the quickest desserts to make for cooler weather is my Lemon Impossible Pie.   It takes all of five minutes to mix, and just over half an hour to bake.  Although to make it properly I should be mixing it in a bowl and then pouring it into a sprayed or greased dish, when I am really really tired or just sick of dirty dishes, I mix it straight into the dish that I will be cooking it in!


Lemon Impossible Pie:

Lemon Impossible Pie

Lemon Impossible Pie

4 generous servings – your baking dish will need to be at least 5 cup capacity.

1/3 cup lemon juice;

1 cup caster sugar;

4 eggs;

1 cup dessicated coconut;

½ cup plain flour;

1 2/3 cup milk.

Mix all ingredients together, pour into greased deep pie dish or soufflé dish.  Bake in a 200 degree celcius oven, or 180 degree fan forced oven for approximately 35 minutes or until set.

Can be served with cream or ice-cream, but best with cream and eaten warm.


In hotter weather, we love a dessert that I call “The Best Bits”.  This came about because every Christmas out would come the obligatory trifle, but I don’t really like soggy, alcohol soaked cake, or fruit served mixed in with the other ingredients.  I like my cake firm, served on its own, and a good fruit salad, but not all mushed together.  I would always find myself trying to spoon out “the best bits” – being the custard, the jelly and the cream.  So then I thought – “why not make a dessert with just the best bits?”  This is really basic to make, and the only real time involved is the setting time for the jelly.  The beauty of this dessert is that you can pour the jelly in before it has completely set to get it to go in “all the crevices” as I have in this photo, or allow it to set and chop it up so that it is distinct from the custard.

With the varieties of coloured jellies on the market, you can even theme your jellies.  For Australia Day you could make up green and gold jellies, if you wanted the red, white and blue of many national flags, you could use less custard – putting it in the middle and putting cream around the edges of the bowl –  perhaps crushing through some meringue for texture (think Eton Mess).  But I have explained how I made this one.  And yes, I did put in a couple of strawberries, but only because my strawberry plant had a couple of ripe ones, and I wanted to beat the insects to them! (Something has eaten all my mint, and has now moved on to the strawberry leaves – how rude!)


“The Best Bits”:

The Best Bits

The Best Bits

6  – 8 servings, depending on how greedy you are!

I packet berry blue jelly;

I packet raspberry jelly;

900g tub of double thick custard;

300ml thickened cream;

Optional fruit or cake sprinkles for decoration.


Make up blue jelly as per packet instructions and allow to cool.  Pour into transparent straight edged bowl and put in fridge to set.  Make up raspberry jelly and allow to cool.  When blue jelly is set, spread custard over.  When raspberry jelly is cool, gently pour into the dish over the back of a spoon to reduce the impact of the liquid on the custard.  Insert strawberries into raspberry jelly if chosen.  Put in fridge to set.  When set, whip cream until thick but not completely stiff (it should have at least doubled).  Plop over top of raspberry layer, and decorate.


My strawberry plant

My strawberry plant

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