Easy gluten free bean and corn salad

Are you stuck for something to cobble together from the tins in your cupboard? I was under the pump for time, and threw this together. No cooking, just combining. Of course, tinned ingredients are bland, so you will have to add plenty of your favourite seasonings. I have listed what I used, but you can substitute your favourites if you like, but you will need some salt, no matter what you do.

Two 440g tins of beans (you can use whatever you prefer, I had red kidney beans and cannelloni, but you could use chickpeas, even lentils – whatever you happen to have in the cupboard);

One 440g tin of creamed corn;

Two or three (depending on size) spring onions, chopped;

Cherry tomatoes and snowpeas for decoration (or whatever you have);

Generous pinch of salt;

1 tsp of ground cummin;

1 tsp of ground coriander.

Drain the beans and place in a bowl. Put the creamed corn in another bowl and mix through the seasonings. Add corn mixture and chopped spring onions to the beans, and mix thoroughly – the corn is like a dressing. chop the snow peas and tomatoes, or whatever you want (fresh herbs if you have them) and decorate the top.

The work of minutes!

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