Coffee & Kahlua flan (gluten free)

If you look closely at the photo, you can almost see a face I made when I was swirling the flan filling, I didn’t see it myself until I downloaded the photo!  This has almost a mousse like texture, and is quite soft when you cut it, so be careful and this probably isn’t the best dessert to serve on a hot day, but it is yummy!  The alcohol is still active as this isn’t baked.  The usual warnings about eating raw egg, but again – yummy!

Coffee & Kahlua flan (gluten free)

Coffee & Kahlua flan (gluten free)

Line the base of a large springform with baking paper, refer to this recipe for how I do it.

Crumb crust:

205g packet of gluten free arrowroot biscuits

125g butter

3 tbsp hazelnut meal


2 eggs, separated,

1/2 cup castor sugar

3 tsp gelatine

1 tbsp espresso coffee powder

1 tbsp Kahlua

600ml thickened cream

Dusting chocolate, to decorate

Melt butter, grind biscuits and mix in with butter and hazelnut meal, press into base (not sides) of tin (you want a very thin covering as I don’t like thick crumb crusts) and pack down firmly.  Refridgerate to allow base to harden while you are preparing flan filling.

Mix together egg yolks and sugar.  Combine gelatine with 2 tbsp hot water and coffee, when well beaten, add Kahlua and then mix into egg yolk mixture.  Beat whites until they are stiff, then fold through the yolk mixture.  Beat the cream until very stiff (not quite until it turns to butter, but stiffer than you would normally beat it for whipped cream) then gently fold through egg mixture.  Don’t completely combine the colours, I like to break up the large wadges of cream, but swirl the coffee coloured mixture and white cream together.  Spoon gently onto base, swirl for final effect, then refridgerate at least one hour, but preferably at least three to four.

When ready to serve, carefully take the springform sides off, then I use a pizza server to slide between the crumb crust and paper and shift the flan to a serving plate.  Sprinkle with chocolate mixture.

Caution, as the crumb crust is so thin, you will need to be gentle when cutting and serving, you could make a thicker crust if you prefer, but I don’t.

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