Christmas Leftover Time!

I am having the day off to rest and recover from all the cooking and eating yesterday, but I have cooked a few things in the past that are great for using leftovers, either just as they are, or with a bit of adapting (some of the recipes use minced raw meat, but if you chop your cooked meat and reduce the cooking time, you should be able to make them work for you.  So if you find yourself with huge piles of leftover meats and seasonal goodies, have a look at these recipes:



Gluten free Caesar Salad

Gluten free potato, ham and cheese pizza

Gluten free crustless quiche

Susan’s Cheat’s Carbonara


Gluten free Turkey Sausage Rolls

Turkey Risotto

Turkey meatballs


Gluten free pork sausage rolls

Roast Pork Pastie

Cranberries/cranberry sauce

White chocolate, cranberry & pistachio bark

Cranberry and pistachio cupcakes

Sausages in cranberry sauce

Picnic chicken

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