Chicken Scallopini

This is one of my husband’s favourite dishes, and I have tinkered with a basic recipe until I found one that we all liked.  It doesn’t take much time to cook, and is quite low fuss.  I only put a little lemon in it or it becomes too sour – there is just enough for you to realise it has some.


Chicken Scallopini – serves 4.

Chicken Scallopini

Chicken Scallopini

Two large chicken breasts, cut each across so that you get four thin pieces of meat – this reduces the cooking time (or you can use four small breasts and pound them until they are thin);

1 tbsp gluten free flour;

1 tbsp each butter and oil;

1/3 cup white wine (your favourite flavour);

1/3 cup chicken stock;

3 drops lemon juice;

1/4 tsp dried thyme;

1/4 cup thickened cream.


Roll the chicken in the flour so they are well coated all over.  Melt the butter gently in the oil in a frypan that fit all four chicken breasts.  The reason you use butter AND oil, is the butter gives the flour coating a great flavour, and the oil stops the butter from burning.  Cook the chicken until it is just cooked through, then put in a covered container that will keep them warm.  Put the wine and stock in the pan, and boil until reduced by half.  Add the lemon juice and thyme, then turn down the mixture to low and let it come off the boil.  Add the cream, don’t let it boil or it will separate, just let it warm through, then pour over the chicken and serve.


This is great served with White wine and buttered microwave rice, as the butter and wine flavours in both dishes complement each other.

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