Canteloupe (Rock Melon) Icy Pole

Having had some hot weather lately, and trying to avoid the sugar water that is most commercial icy poles, I made this.  I know honey is still a sugar, but it is supposed to be good for you!  (Combined with the canteloupe, it is SERIOUSLY yummy!)  You will need an eight icy pole mould (or use four and freeze the leftover mix in a container to chow down on later when no-one is around).

Canteloupe (Rock Melon) Icy Pole

Canteloupe (Rock Melon) Icy Pole

2 slices of canteloupe from the middle of the melon, about 2cm thick each (or the equivalent from the top if you haven’t cut into it yet)

1tbs honey


Cut of the skins and deseed the melon.  Roughly chop into chunks and put in a small blender or food processor (I have a small unit that the hand blender attaches to).  Drizzle in the honey, blend until smooth.

Spoon or pour into the moulds, insert the sticks and put in the freezer for at least two hours – it all depends on your freezer.  Just to be safe, I did these the night before so they were handy for a warm day.

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