Banana chip and chocolate “minions”

Not being the most artistic cook out there, this is the closest I could come with what I had in my kitchen to making some Minions.  Of course, fans of the Minion will know that they love bananas, so that is what these chocolates are filled with.  These are quite easy to make, you just need moulds that are oblong (preferably ovoid, which I didn’t have, which is why my “Minions” have corners!)  I did actually get twelve with this recipe, but the first “practice” one looked pretty awful, so my son helped me out by eating it before I got the camera ready.  Sweet boy.

You will need chocolate moulds, a pastry brush, and some way to crush your banana chips.

Banana chip and chocolate "minions"

Banana chip and chocolate “minions”

220g yellow chocolate;

1/4 cup dried banana chips, smashed into small bits (I used a mortar and pestle, but you could put them in a plastic bag and whack them with a rolling pin);

Blue food dye;

Edible writing icing pens (I had black and blue, but if you have white and silver it would help too).

Temper the chocolate as per white chocolate (as it is probably just white chocolate with yellow colouring in it) – use the method as per the espresso chocolates, remember you melt the chocolate and bring it to 40-45 celcius, then down to 28-30 for moulding.  Pour into the mould, then leave for a minute to set before upending the mould over the remaining chocolate in the bowl to let the excess run out.  Put in the fridge while you are preparing the banana chips.  When the chips are in small pieces, fill the moulds to just below the surface, and cover with a layer of chocolate, scraping off the backs of the mould.  Put back in the fridge until it sets.

To decorate, I put blue dye in the remaining chocolate.  If you have run out, some white chocolate will do.  If you add liquid dye to the chocolate you will probably get some lumps, so beat vigorously.  I have heard that powdered dyes work better, but I haven’t worked with them yet.  Take the chocolates out of the mould and put on a plastic sheet or cutting board as it gets messy here.  Hold a small sharp knife over the chocolate so that you get a clean line when painting, and paint the blue chocolate over the bottom.  Dab blue dots of writing icing for eyes, then make sunglasses and little mouths to finish the faces.

If you are arty, you will probably get a much prettier finished product than I did, but they were tasty nevertheless.

Breaking up the banana chips

Breaking up the banana chips

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