About me


First things first – I love to eat.  Always have.  And I do love to cook, but only when I am ‘in the mood’.  Unfortunately, that mood doesn’t always coincide with dinner time.  So, I have learned to love the ‘lazy’ recipe.

You know the feeling – you have had a pretty average day at work, battled the traffic to get home, done a bit of housework, then it is time to get dinner on the table.  Or it is the weekend, you have been out and about all day having fun, and you get home and everyone is hungry already.

The times when I am happy (or have the time) to spend ages in the kitchen are few and far between, so I find myself looking for ideas for easy, nutritious meals.   Inspiration no less – to make that dreaded trek to the supermarket less painful.  I have lost track of the number of times I have found myself staring at the meat fridges, trying to work out what everyone will want to eat for the next few days.

There’s also my other little problem – I really am not a great cook.  No matter how hard I try, my attempts never look like the picture in the magazine or book!  So over the years I have realized that the easier a recipe is, the less chance there is that I will make a mess of it.

Obviously I did not inherit the ‘cooking gene’ from my mother’s side of the family.  After she was widowed by the Great War, my great-grandmother ran a pie shop to support her young brood.  Her youngest daughter, my grandmother, was a cook – her last few years her happiest.  Instead of the rowdy pubs of her youth, she spent time in the kitchens of a convent, cooking for the good sisters who tended to behave themselves!

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