Gluten free picnic mushroom frittata

I made this recently for a work function.  I call it a picnic frittata as you can eat it cold, or if you like, you can heat it up.  This is gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, but not vegans.

Gluten free picnic mushroom frittata


Mushroom Mix:

2 tsp oil;

Pinch salt;

4 large mushrooms, chopped;

4 spring onions, finely sliced;

2 cloves garlic, finely sliced;

6 sprigs thyme, leaves picked;

Egg mix:

12 eggs;

2 cups shredded cheese (of your choice, but I used a tasty cheese);

1/2 cup milk.

Preheat a fan forced oven to 180 celcius.  Lightly spray a 30 X 20cm baking dish with oil.

Heat the oil in a heavy based saucepan.  Add the ingredients for mushroom mix.  The idea of the salt is to make the excess liquid come out of the mushrooms, if you leave it in, it will make your mixture too runny.  Cook for 5 – 10 minutes, stirring often, until the mushrooms have condensed and you can see a bit of liquid in the bottom of the pot.  Strain – discard liquid.  Allow to cool in the strainer for a while.

While the mushroom mix is cooling, crack the eggs into the baking dish, add the cheese and milk and beat until the egg yolks are well combined.  Add the mushroom mix and stir the mixture until everything is evenly combined.

Put in oven and bake 20-30 minutes – monitor it to make sure it doesn’t burn.  It is done when lightly browned & a knife inserted leaves a cut in the mixture.

Allow to cool a little, then cover with cling film and refrigerate overnight.  Once cool, it is easier to cut cleanly.  You can cut while warm, but you might get a little bit of crumbling.  Cut into preferred sizes.  I cut mine into bite sized pieces, but you could cut into larger pieces if preferred.

If you wanted to make a version with ham, you could cut a couple of slices of ham into small pieces and mix in to the egg mix with the mushroom mix.

Yummy Raspberry Bliss – Gluten free

When asking my family what to call this, my son said “Yummy”.  It is, however I also wanted something a bit more descriptive, my daughter suggested Raspberry Bliss, so it is now called Yummy Raspberry Bliss.  It is easy to make, no cooking, except for boiling the kettle for the jelly of course!  It serves four.

(Yummy) Raspberry Bliss


1 packet raspberry jelly

1 punnet (125g) fresh raspberries

250g block cream cheese

405g can sweetened condensed milk.


Make up the jelly with only 250ml of boiling water, once the crystals are dissolved, put aside to cool and partially set.  You need it to be the consistency of curdled cream – not runny but not set either.  This should take about two hours or so, depending on the temperature.

When the jelly is ready, mix together the cream cheese and condensed milk until smooth.  Then fold through the jelly and the raspberries, reserving four for decorations.

Spoon into serving dishes – I used stemless wine glasses so you will need each dish to hold at least a cup.

Refrigerate for two hours until set – as the jelly finishes setting it will help the mixture to set.

Decorate and eat.


Thai red curry sausages

I thought I would jazz up the old faithful curried sausages a bit.  I treated this as a fusion type dish, I used the standard vegies that you would normally put in a curried sausage dish, but added the flavours of a red curry.  I serve this with rice to mop up the sauce, but you could also use mashed potato if you wanted to really mix things up.  Try making this the day before you need it, to give the flavours time to develop.  It also makes it a really good cook ahead meal, you can do it in the one pot on Sunday, let it cool, put it in the fridge, then reheat it on Monday night for an easy dinner.

Red curry sausages

Red curry sausages


1 tsp olive oil;

12 gluten free thin beef sausages, cut into lengths of about 2cm each;

1 brown onion, wedged;

1 large carrot, peeled and cut on the slant;

3 stalks celery, sliced finely;

1 tbs red curry paste;

1 420g can coconut milk;

1 tsp gluten free soy sauce;

1 tsp sugar;

1 tsp lime juice;

1 tsp minced ginger;

1 tsp minced lemongrass.


Heat the oil in a large, heavy based flame proof casserole dish (such as a cast iron pot) over a medium heat, and brown the sausages, together with the vegetables.  Add the curry paste, and other flavourings, then mix through the coconut milk.  Simmer until sausages cooked through (about 20 minutes or so).  Either eat straightaway, or refridgerate and enjoy as an easy meal the following day.

Berry sauce panna cotta

This is the same basic recipe as the espresso panna cotta, but whether it was the acid in the fruit, or something I did, I got a bit of separation into layers – the milk and cream separated while they were setting which I really liked.  See if you can recreate it.  I used some of the berry sauce I made, with some gelatine in it to make sure it was thick enough so it didn’t cause the panna cotta to be too runny.  I made 6 x 1 cup moulds.

Berry sauce panna cotta

Berry sauce panna cotta

To make:

1 & 1/2 cups milk;

1 & 1/2 cups cream;

1/2 cup white sugar;

6 drops rosewater essence;

3 tsp gelatine powder;

1 cup berry sauce.

Combine milk, cream, sugar and essence in a medium heavy based pan and slowly bring to the boil.  Remove from heat, sprinkle 2 tsp gelatine over the top, then whisk vigorously to ensure that as much as possible of the gelatine dissolves instead of setting into gooey globs.  Strain into a jug (to strain out any stubborn gelatine globs!) then pour into moulds.  Put in the fridge for about 45 minutes until they are starting to thicken.

Put 1 cup berry sauce in a small pot, mix in the remaining teaspoon of gelatine, and just bring to a boil.   Take off heat and allow to cool a little.  Using a teaspoon, drizzle the coffee liquid into the panna cottas.  Some will stay suspended, but most will sink to the bottom.  Put back in fridge for at least two hours, but preferably overnight to make sure the panna cotta sets properly.

Teriyaki chicken – gluten free and in the slow (crock) cooker

If you can get organised enough to stack this the night before, it makes the job easier “the day after”.  That way, cooking dinner doesn’t take any thought and effort when you don’t really feel like cooking.  It is also very quick to assemble, you don’t have to brown the chicken, so you can stack it in just a few minutes and store it in the fridge until the next day.  When it is time to serve, you can just quickly cook some rice in the microwave, dinner is done!

This version serves four, if you have a large enough slow cooker, you can just double it for a bigger crowd.

Teriyaki chicken

Teriyaki chicken

500g chicken thighs;

1/4 cup gluten free soy sauce;

1 tbsp brown sugar;

1 tbsp vinegar;

2 tsp garlic granules;

1 tsp ginger (for this recipe I like that minced ginger in a tube, but you can put fresh ginger in if you like);

2 cups frozen beans;

2 tsp cornflour mixed with water to a smooth paste.


Cut the chicken into small cubes and place in the slow cooker.  In a jug, mix the soy sauce, sugar, vinegar, garlic and ginger then pour over the chicken and mix to coat.  Add the frozen beans.  Cover and store in the fridge until required.

When you are ready to cook, put on low for 5 hours.  Then (working quickly, because when you take the lid off the slow cooker, you will lose a lot of heat) mix in the cornflour paste and stir to mix through the liquid.  Cook on high for half an hour, then remove and serve with rice, or additional vegetables.